Monday, April 14, 2008

Come Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary With Us
10 years ago when we introduced our emu oil products on the internet few people had heard about emu oil. Now, everyone from consumers to health care professionals are seeking out this beneficial natural oil. We want to thank you for helping to spread the word about emu oil.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary we're offering special sales and promotions throughout the entire year. Come and browse our current Special Offers and check out the savings. Make sure to check back with us frequently to see our newest offers.

New Online Storefront
Over the last few months we've been hard at work completing our New Online Storefront. We are happy to announce that it is finally up and running. This new online storefront will streamline the ordering process and allow us to better meet the needs of our growing customer base.

If you've used our online storefront previously to place an order you may need to re-create your account in the new system. Don't worry, you only have to do it once. Your information will then be encrypted and securely retained so that the process will be quick and easy the next time you place an order. If you have any trouble please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. As always you can also place your order by phone, fax, or mail if you prefer.

Emu Oil Saves Vacation
A customer testimonial...

A few days before my vacation to Florida I had to visit the dentist. A very deep cavity had the dentist and I arguing about root canals. I won and just had a filling. On the drive to Florida the tooth started bothering me. It got worse with every mile. I got a jaw ache, headache and neck ache. I was popping as much acetaminophen as I could and we were talking about finding a dentist for an emergency root canal.

I had a small container of Emu Essence NaturalsTM pure emu oil with me that I used on cuts, scrapes, etc. I was aware it has anti-inflammatory properties. Desperate, I rubbed some on my gum around the offending tooth. In a little while it felt a bit better. I also knew that emu oil helps other medicines get under the skin. I bought a toothache pain relief product and put a tiny drop into the emu oil that I applied to my gums. The oil helped contain the bad taste and helped me get the medicine where I needed it. The pain stopped.

For 2 days I used the combination. On the second day I was able to go without the acetaminophen. On the third day I just added a drop of emu oil to my toothpaste. After that, I just used the emu oil if the tooth gave any sign of sensitivity. Toothache gone...vacation saved.

Thanks Emu Oil! --- Polly T.

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