Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FIRST Magazine Recognizes the Therapeutic Power of Emu Essence Naturals (TM) Pure Emu Oil

We wanted to share this great press release about using emu oil for the treatment of scars. The original article that inspired the press release was published in the June 30, 2008 edition of FIRST magazine. FIRST magazine is a nationally recognized leader in publications dedicated to healthy living and natural wellness. The author of the article, Elizabeth Gunther Stewart, MD., FACOG, is a gynecologist with a specialty practice in vulvovaginal care and the author of The V Book: A Doctor''s Guide to Complete Vulvovaginal Health (Bantam, 2002).Thank you Dr.Stewart for your unsolicited testimony to the wonderful benefits of Emu Essence Naturals (TM) Pure Emu Oil. Click here to read the article.

Gynecologist Elizabeth Gunther Steward recommends emu oil to prevent episiotomy scarring and infections.
(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 03, 2008 ) San Angelo, TX - In a nod to the benefits of natural wellness FIRST magazine, a widely distributed publication dedicated to healthy living, recognized Emu Essence Naturals(TM) Pure Emu Oil for its therapeutic benefits in the treatment of scars.

The article, written by Elizabeth Gunther Stewart, MD FACOG, highlighted the benefits of Emu Essence Naturals(TM) Pure Emu Oil for softening scar tissue and reducing skin irritation in the surrounding area. This article recommends using Emu Essence Naturals(TM) Pure Emu Oil in the weeks following delivery to help prevent episiotomy scarring and infections.

Emu Essence Naturals(TM) Pure Emu Oil is a highly effective, all natural alternative to traditional medicinal therapies. It is a non-irritating, deep penetrating oil, which helps soothe and moisturize without harsh chemicals or harmful side effects. It has been proven to reduce inflammation and to provide skin nourishing fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6, and 9.

"Since ancient times man has looked to nature for remedies to relieve their ailments. Many years ago the Australian Aborigines discovered a powerful remedy with a broad range of applications," says Uniquely Emu Products, Inc. spokesperson Susan Wright. "It was emu oil."

Not only is Emu Essence Naturals(TM) Pure Emu Oil used to treat scars but it is also used to treat many other conditions such as wounds, burns, problem skin, and sore muscle and joints. Since the oil absorbs deep into the skin its benefits reach farther than most other topical products.

"Our pure emu oil is refined using a natural chemical free process," states Wright. "This process, which doesn't destroy the beneficial properties of the oil, results in a superior quality of emu oil that penetrates quickly and is a very effective product for a wide variety of conditions."

The company offers a broad range of sizes of its pure emu oil plus a complete line of emu oil based personal care products. Unlike many similar emu oil products, Emu Essence Naturals(TM) brand of emu oil products are free of petroleum by-products and mineral oil that could hamper the skin's absorption of the oil. Their skin care, hair care, and pain management products are all made with high concentrations of emu oil, making them very effective.

Uniquely Emu Products, Inc. was founded almost a decade ago with the mission of offering high quality pure emu oil and emu oil formulations to consumers, healthcare professionals, and manufacturers around the globe. Their Emu Essence Naturals(TM) brand has fulfilled this mission.

Today the company is recognized as a leader in their industry. They currently produce Emu Essence Naturals(TM) Personal Care Products and Animal Basics(TM) Animal Care Products.

For more information on the benefits of Emu Essence Naturals(TM) Pure Emu Oil, and their other emu oil formulas, visit or call 1-815-434-5726.